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In 1980, Gulf Gate Estates, Florida became a census-designated place (CDP). That means its geography is federally recognized for enumeration of its population by the U.S. Census Bureau. One of the requirements its name satisfies is being “recognized and used in daily communication by the residents of the community.”  The most recent Census Bureau population estimate for Gulf Gate Estates is 10,676, making it the largest CDP in the area.

As a fresh decade approaches, the U.S. Census Bureau is rolling out its operational plan to achieve its decennial goal: “Counting everyone once, only once, and in the right place.” The statistical data from Census 2020 will be used to determine congressional representationredraw district boundaries, and distribute hundreds of billions of dollars to states and communities. For these reasons and more, an accurate count benefits everyone.

The most recent decennial census is also used in postcensal estimates of a  geographic entity's size and composition. Each year, the Census Bureau contacts more than 3.5 million households to complete an American Community Survey (ACS). We are legally required to respond to every question with as much accuracy as possible. In order to learn about significant changes in Gulf Gate demographics since Census 2010, I analyzed the statistical data in its recent 5-year survey.

As a Gulf Gate homeowner, it is helpful for me to know that one-third of my neighbors are 65 years or older. For example, when I reached out to neighbors on to find sources for my blog on Gulf Gate pets and Gulf Gate Animal Hospital, I discovered a need for affordable care for companion dogs of seniors. I was able to respond by turning a page of my website into It provides links to organizations that help pay for vet bills, pet food, offer free and low-cost treatments for pets, and more.

As a Realtor®, I use statistical data on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Data-driven marketing allows me to reach the highest number of potential qualified home buyers when advertising a home for sale in Gulf Gate Estates. However, recent events have made me grateful for my geek-like interest in analyzing Census Bureau data.

Under pressure from fair housing groups and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Facebook was forced to remove advertising tools that potentially exclude population segments from housing opportunities. The social media platform giant has also come under fire for its claim to reach larger populations than exist in the universally accepted data metrics of Census.

Residents of Gulf Gate Estates, FL between the ages of 65-74 represent its largest age demographic as well as 15% of its total population. The second largest age demographic for Gulf Gage Sarasota is made up of residents between the ages of 45 and 54 years as well as 14.8 percent of the total population of Gulf Gate Sarasota. The total population of those persons aged 19 and younger makes up 15.7 percent of the Gulf Gate Sarasota community. These data are not hugely different from Census 2010, which is probably a result of the margins of error involved in sampling.

I did see what could be considered a significant variance over the six-year period in the population of Gulf Gate Estates Sarasota in the 4.5 and 5 percent increase in divorced males and females, respectively. This is consistent with a 3 percent increase in female Gulf Gate Estates householders with no husband present and might even contribute to the percentage decline in the Gulf Gate Estates, FL 2016 ACS population estimate.

These kind of variances are an example of the meat and potatoes community organizations need to create effective pitches for funding. As the grant writer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast, I learned the importance government agencies, foundations, and corporations place on statistics when making data-driven decisions to fund programs like those providing mentors for children of single-parent homes.

Census 2020 will be free from the constraints of sampling in the methodology used to determine demographic components of change. The statistics might be more dramatic considering the decade's long recovery from the great recession. Specifically, the recent years of increasing home prices could alter the Census Bureau's median home price for Gulf Gate. Today the statistic reflects $159,000.

Census Reporter warns,"Take care with this statistic."

Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2016). American Community Survey 5-year estimates. Retrieved from Census Reporter Profile page for Gulf Gate Estates, FL